Dirt Devil Enhance FD50110

Dirt Devil Enhance FD50110

The Dirt Devil Enhance Carpet Washer is a reasonable carpet cleaner that is smaller and simple to utilize. It is a fundamental machine with no adornments. There is no hose or attachments for cleaning stairs, upholstery or other difficult to-access areas.


Assembly was simple and just took under seven minutes. This one required a screwdriver for the handle, either a flathead or Phillips. This cleaner was one of the most compact sized cleaner among our carpet cleaner reviews. It won’t take up a much room in your utility storeroom and is simple to carry from on to another room. It has 11-inches wide cleaning path. Besides small size it doesn’t take many passes to get the surface completely cleaned.

Tank Capacity

Its tank limit is three quarts. As compared to other tested cleaners this one is below average. If you have large house, you’ll need to refill the tank a lot since you can clean just around 75 square feet of decently filthy cover with this tank. It’s most appropriate for little houses and apartments thus.

Lightweight and Noise-less

This cleaner is lightweight. The suction power appeared to be to some degree restricted as we were shampooing, yet it performed shockingly well on our stain test. It demonstrated a 90 percent improvement on the stained region after cleaning. This machine is likewise one of the most noise-less in our line-up, yet the greater part of the cleaners were comparable when it came to noise. Just the Oreck Revitalize was significantly noise-less.

Easy to clean tank

As compared to other machines, the tank is long and moderately flat. This makes it more smaller, however it is difficult to fill. The opening is situated so you need to lay it flat while filling it and you need to continue turning it upright to decide whether it has achieved the vertical fill line. It has a different dirty water tank in the base of the machine which has a more basic design. The two tanks can be extracted and clan easily.



  • Toll-free customer service number
  • Easy to extract and clean tank
  • Lightweight cleaner
  • Separate dirt water tank
  • Noise-less operation
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Excellent performer no need for several passes


  • Tank is somewhat flat and difficult to refill
  • Perform less impressively in rinse test


This Dirt Devil Enhance FD50110 turned out solid among others. This product is no doubt is highly reliable and works amazingly. It gives good value for money. Make this product your choice if you are looking for an affordable and excellent carpet cleaner.

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